Memorialites and more

Immortalize your loved ones with a memorial light

Inspiration Behind the Lights

My name is Marcel. My wife is Linda. Nearly 5 years ago tragedy struck our family. Our 38-year-old son Joel passed away. Grief-stricken, we bought a battery powered memorial light and hung it on a shepherds hook at his grave. Every time I looked at it, something was missing. It was only a light and I felt a photo of my son would make it Joel’s light.

I decided to make the light I was dreaming about as a tribute to Joel. As we were designing the light we realized that there are many special memories that can be displayed. Memorial Day, Birthdays, Weddings, Births. Thus our Memorialite with the use of any photo(s) was conceived.

Check out the details of our new indoor light and watch for news of our upcoming outdoor version.


Our Pledge to You

Our pledge to you is to provide a quality American made product and offer it to you at the best price possible with honesty and integrity in all dealings with our customers.

Marcel and Linda